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Youth Classes


Jr. Acrobats (ages 5-7)

1 hr elevate class for the young acrobats & ninjas in our Elevate Dojo.  Agility, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, endurance and strength as it relates to our youngest students.  This safe and controlled movement class introduces basic tumbling and parkour, obstacle courses and games, and climbing and ninja warrior skills.


 Athletics + Acrobatics
1.5 hr  Movement class in our training barn.  Learn and progress your skills by training balance, coordination, agility, strength, flexibility and endurance on our trampolines, climbing walls, and ninja/parkour setups.  Safe, progression based learning of action sports and movement.


Trampoline & Tricks Class
(Ages 12-17)

1 hr progression session for our advanced athletes.
Challenge your limits and become the ultimate athlete in this diverse training class for pre-teens and teenagers! Participants will train to become experts in tumbling and acrobatic skills through following our airtrack and trampoline progressions. These classess are designed to improve upon strength, mobility, and conditioning to compensate the high training load. 

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