Meet the Coaches

Noah Labow, Co-Founder 

Coach Noah has over 15 years of  freestyle coaching experience.  Noah gained regional notoriety after he competed on season 5 of American Ninja Warrior.  His specialties include trampoline progressions, calisthenics, mobility, balance and strength training. Noah is the Head Freeskiing Coach for the Green Mountain Academy FreeskiSki and Snowboard club and holds a level 300 Freeskiing certification with USSA and a level 200 USA Parkour cert.

George Coultas, Co-Founder

Coach George hails from Hardwick, VT where his love of the outdoors and multi-sport background led him to Snowboarding.   George has over 10 years of Snowboard, trampoline, and youth movement coaching experience. His specialties include aerial progressions, parkour, and strength training.  Coach George holds a 300 Level Cert with USSA and is working towards his personal training certification.

Justice Hedenberg, Co-Founder 

Justice is our lead gymnastics and parkour coach.  He makes his living as a Screen actors guild stunt man, so when he's not filming for the new Spealberg movie he makes his home here in the Green Mountains.  Justice specializes in mixed martial arts, parkour, tricking, gymnastics, and skateboarding.  Justice has been recognized by People Are Awesome for his combo skills, like flipping on and off his skateboard with fluid ease!

Hans Von Breissen, Coach 

Playing soccer, running long distances, skiing, snowboarding, crossfit, mountain biking and tumbling; all things I have been and continue to be fascinated with. How the body can move, interact and adapt is incredible. Learning is equally important to coaching as coaching and whether you are rolling around on the floor getting comfortable or swinging from bar to bar or creating your brand new move, we are always learning and growing. Meeting yourself at the level of that day and interacting with space can be a very challenging and powerful thing and I am grateful to have the opportunity to help encourage safe, fun and playful ways of doing that. Having over 15 years of ski coaching experience, from Adaptive Sports to Youth Olympic Games to IFSA, I have had the opportunity to learn from and play with some incredible athletes, coaches and trainers. I aim to bring with me a curiosity and humility that will allow me to learn from a beginner as much as from an Olympic level athlete. My goal is to use my experience to facilitate great habits both in our active practice as well as in our lives. These movements can be seen as metaphors, and we want complex and beautiful stories. 


Tsuki Puddicombe, Coach

“For your art project, go experience something new—and draw it,” said my professor at Ringling College of Art and Design, 2013. I looked up any parkour locals of Sarasota, doubting there was any nearby. To my excitement, the leader of “Team Nomadic”—to this day, my friend and mentor Josh Hill—replied to my request to take photo / video references. After the photo-shoot, he asked me if I wanted to try parkour. I grinned and nodded, and held up sneakers I had already planned to bring. Ever since, parkour changed me; my attitude and approach toward life. I became a hybrid of indoor drawing—to outdoor training in the parks, cityscape, and rooftops of Burlington. After graduation, I casually tried Ninja Warrior to train my upper body while recovering from a coccyx injury. I competed in a few local Ninja competitions in Florida and Georgia— even test-ran for The American Ninja Warrior show! When customers requested for me to teach classes at the trampoline parks I worked at, I got coach-certified in parkour, Levels 1 + 2, via WFPF (World Freerunning Parkour Federation). This accumulating fitness background landed me at the best, active, fun jobs—from coaching little ninjas at Regal Gymnastics Academy in Essex Junction, VT . . . to here, at Elevate Movement Collective! Additionally, you’ll currently find me instructing at Stowe Mountain Resort in their Stowe Rocks gym. Marrying together parkour, Ninja Warrior, and rock-climbing became my social network, and got me to open up to people—who, in return, fueled my desire for discipline, physical creativity, and natural movement. Aside from dressing up cowgirl on a daily basis, I enjoy parkouring on the roofs of Burlington, rock climbing at MetroRock in Essex, drawing character designs and fanart, writing, piano, hiking, camping, reading, and scrambling around Moss Glenn Falls or Bingham Falls here in Stowe. Come visit me at Elevate! Never stop playing!


McKinley Pierce

McKinley Pierce is a certified personal trainer, American ninja warrior competitor, and fitness coach.  She has competed 3 times in NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, travels throughout the country for numerous ninja competitions where she has placed in the top three at multiple world finals, and has been ranked as number one female ninja athlete in the country in previous years.  She also travels around the country and internationally working as an Alpha Warrior Coach and Pro Athlete training our military through functional fitness and obstacles.  
As a certified trainer, McKinley dedicates her time to coaching adults and children on obstacle training and helping them to reach their personal fitness goals.  Her passion for helping others and seeing them succeed is what convinced her to become a fitness coach, and share her knowledge of what she’s learned about ninja and obstacles.  Whether it’s for a ninja or fitness class, McKinley is excited to work with any and everybody helping them gain strength and self confidence.